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Application Fee Candidates applying to San Jose State University should also have a good idea about the requirements for admission, including the necessary documents, and all the information that is considered while making admission decisions. The institution is approved to offer nursing programs by the California Board of Nursing. Average … San Jose State, founded in 1857, is a public, comprehensive university. If you are interested in studying near Silicon Valley, you should know the acceptance rate at San Jose State University acceptance rate! If you're a high school senior, college or grad school student. San Jose State University is a Public, 4 Year college located in San Jose, CA. Annually, 18 % of the 22,400 students who received the acceptance letter from San Jose State University decided to attend. San Jose State University considers a high GPA as a mandatory requirement for the admission of candidates just like most other universities/colleges. In other words, of 100 students who apply, 64 are admitted. Please check with the school. Please contact the school for more details. Notably, San Jose State University also considers the SAT scores of the applicants for their admission. Take a look at San Jose State University acceptance rate, admissions statistics, SAT/ACT scores, and more to help you make the right decision for your future. However, even those applicants with SAT scores of 1020 or below could also be accepted in some cases. The acceptance rate at San Jose State is 63.6%. The candidates are also required to submit a number of important documents to the university along with their application. 408-924-1000 . For every 100 applicants, 64 are admitted. Please check with the school. Graduating 65% of students, San Jose State alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $42,200. With regards to the overall acceptance rate, it tends to be around 64 percent which equals 22,446 students being accepted to the school. We use cookies to personalize and improve your browsing experience. The composite score range which the Institution consistently takes, below which admission should be considered a reach. Percentage of Students submitting ACT Scores. Acceptance Rate. To get into the university, the average SAT score required currently stands at 1140. ACT COMPOSITE RANGE * 19-26. Before proceeding to register for classes, candidates also have to complete the Math and English assessments. Interested candidates can apply to the university by either calling the university at (408) 924-1000 or through online mode. Moreover, the range of SAT scores of students getting admitted is 1020-1260. Disclaimer: Our team strives to provide information that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information published, listed schools, accreditation status, financial aid and scholarships, career opportunities, employment and salary outcomes. Percentage of Students submitting SAT Scores. The San Jose, California campus for San Jose State University is located in a City setting. Emails are sent about once a month and includes news announcements relevant to future students, such as new courses being offered in our fully online programs, curriculum updates, virtual information sessions, webinars, and … At San Jose State University, the disparity between men and women on campus is far lower than the national average. If 100 applicants wish to take admission to SJSU, about 64 are accepted every year. The graduate tuition has been risen by 0.61% for California residents and increased by 0.30% for out-of-state rates from the previous year. The school has a 64% acceptance rate ranking it #53 in California for lowest rate of acceptance. Your submission to In case a student wants scholarships, they will have to apply before the early deadline, which is why early application is recommended. Last year, 22,446 out of 35,307 applicants were admitted making San Jose State a moderately competitive school to get into with a strong chance of acceptance if you meet the requirements. Next table describes the general admission information for applying to San Jose State University. The registration deadlines for the next administration of these tests at SJSU are below. These processes include reviewing and verifying the summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition costs), choosing a lodging option, selecting a payment plan, and making the first payment as well. ©2021 Peterson's LLC. Please contact the school for more details. To learn more about how we store and use this data, visit our privacy policy here. The board is searching for students who can think past their cutoff points, who don't see 'unimaginable' as a barrier. Get up-to-date admissions statistics, SAT scores, student reviews, and more from The Princeton Review. They include the Secondary school GPA, Secondary school record, Completion of college-preparatory program, and Admission test scores (SAT/ACT). Apart from other things, the candidates need to know that SAT scores are compulsory to be considered for admission to the university. The latest information shows that 23% of the applicants submit their ACT scores for admission to this institute. However, a minimum ACT composite score of 18 is necessary to be considered for admission by the institution. Admissions is fairly competitive as the San Jose State acceptance rate is 55%. 2020 - 2021 Faculty and Staff - Monthly Rates; All payments are due the first of the month, or if the first is a weekend or holiday, on the following business day. The application and admission process at San Jose State University is quite simple and it includes a total of 4 steps that are as follows: Step 1 that a prospective candidate needs to complete: Submitting the application The first step in SJSU's admission procedure is applying to the university. This is actually a good deal to students, who don’t have an Ivy League states and also who want to study near Silicon Valley and want to work there after they graduate. 2- The graduates degree program requirements set forth by our individual programs. As many as 93% of the applicants to the university submit their SAT scores for admission consideration. At San Jose State, the average acceptance rate over the past 10 years (2010-2019) is 62.18% where the current year rate is 54.66%. Get suggested colleges and free counseling. The average yield (enrollment rate) over the period is 20.16% where the 2019 yield is 19.05%. During the 2017-18 admissions cycle, San Jose State University had an acceptance rate of 55%. The composite score range which the Institution consistently takes, below which admission should be considered a reach. Last year, it was slightly harder to get into San Jose State University than previous year. In order to avail CLEP and AP credits, students can visit the collegeboard.org website and request to submit the scores to the university of their choice. Students that get into San Jose State have an average SAT score between 1020-1260 or an average ACT score of 18-27. 2008-2009: 31.2%; 2009-2010: 36.4%; 2010-2011: 30.0% Apart from submitting the documents and other required information, the candidates should also deposit an application fee of $70. SAT Scores and Requirements SJSU requires that all applicants submit either SAT or ACT scores. This means the school is moderately selective. The acceptance rate of San Jose State is 64% and the yield (enrollment rate) is 18%. Otherwise, they can contact San Jose State University's admissions office by phone in order to take admission. Cassie Kosarek Jan. 12, 2021. Want to update the data for this profile? The school receives about 35,300 applications annually. The ACT scores of the admitted students lie in the range of 18-27, whereas, the average GPA scores hover around 3.50. However, additional documents or information may be requested once the applications are reviewed. The overall acceptance rate trend for San Diego State University has been slowly getting lower over the recent years. Located in downtown San Jose, the SJSU main campus is situated on 154 acres (62 ha), or roughly 19 square blocks.SJSU offers 145 bachelor's and … San Jose State University is a Comprehensive institution located in San Jose, CA, in an urban setting. In Step 3, the candidate needs to confirm their attendance The candidates have to confirm their attendance to San Jose State University to complete the third step. Acceptance Rate By Year. However, details regarding the average high school GPA of the applicants who secure admission to SJSU are currently unavailable. In 2017, the undergraduate acceptance rate of San Jose State University was 66.9% (21,340 admissions from 31,909 applications). The campus is located in San Jose, 50 miles south of San Francisco. For academic year 2019-20, the acceptance rate is 63.57% at San Jose State University where total 35,307 students applied and 22,446 were accepted. Deadline for application submissions. An essential partner in the economic, cultural and social development of Silicon Valley and California, San José State provides a comprehensive university education. Academically, it has challenging requirements for admission test scores, generally admitting … Your submission to Located in San Jose, California, its proximity to Silicon Valley provides students with an exciting learning environment. Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Silicon Valley's public university. Visit disclaimer for important information on these topics. There are many such programs for the students, and some of the popular programs are AP Credit, CLEP (Credit for Life Experiences), and Dual Enrollment (also known as Dual Credit). The entering class stats can help … SJSU is the oldest state university in California. Its 104-acre campus reflects many architectural styles, from Spanish to Romanesque to modern. San Jose State University is located in the beautiful location of California, USA. This means the school is somewhat selective. Applicants Submitting ACT SAT COMPOSITE RANGE * 1000-1210. San Jose State University has been sent. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for San Jose State University is 53.38%. ... but they don't guarantee admission to medical school. Step 2: Acceptance by SJSU Also, after applying to the university, to receive their admission decision, students are needed to submit the following documents: Essay Submission, Transcripts or academic records, and Official SAT Test Score (SAT SJSU Code: 4687). Yes, I would like to receive the prospective student email communications from the San José State University School of Information. Application Deadline San José State University (San Jose State or SJSU) is a public university in San Jose, California.SJSU is the oldest public university on the West Coast and the founding campus of the California State University (CSU) system.. San José State University Powering Silicon Valley. The Fall applications that start in September and go on till April are the most preferred among students. This indicates how hard it is to transfer into San Jose State University. San Jose State University has a long history of changes. San Jose State requires 4 items to submit to their applicants. Candidates can also submit their ACT scores for securing admission to San Jose State University. With a 55% acceptance rate which places it at a medium rate of acceptance. Total enrollment for all degrees including nursing programs is 35,400. In Step 4, candidates need to register for classes The candidates have to register for courses once all the processes mentioned above are completed. Applying to San Jose State University? Popular majors include Business, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education. This means that for every 100 students who applied, 55 students were admitted, making SJSU's admissions process competitive. The admission committee leads a balanced audit of each candidate dependent on their achievements, objectives, and potential effect inside our locale. Deadline for application submissions. The acceptance rate at San Jose State is 63.6%. All rights reserved. Percentage of Students submitting SAT Scores. WEBSITE. San José State University is a major, comprehensive public university located in the center of San José and in the heart of Silicon Valley. Access all of the Business, Nursing and Education School data for San Jose State University. Next chart illustrates the 2020 key academic stats at San Jose State. San Jose State admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 55%. San Jose State University admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 64%. Read More The undergraduate student body at San Jose State is equally balanced. Half the applicants admitted to San Jose State University have … Interested in San Jose State University? Percentage of Students submitting ACT Scores. San Jose State University (SJSU) Admissions Ever wondered how hard it really is to get into San Jose State University? You can use the free calculator below to predict your chances of getting accepted. According to the latest data, the applicant should have an average ACT score of 22 to get accepted. ACT Range In an academic sense, there are some exceptionally high requirements to be met from admission test scores and more which we will discuss in detail. Many universities in the US incentivize students by assisting them to earn university credit by opting for certain courses available in high school.

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