1970 dodge challenger alignment specs

A few cars had a similar wheel with a chrome plated partial horn ring. View Seller's Phone Number. /* 160x90, created 9/14/08 */ 9. | Automotive Math Spreadsheet shipping: + $3.91 shipping . The SE also had a small overhead console with warning lights for door ajar, low fuel and seat belt. A simulated wire (W15), deep dish (W13), or deluxe (W11) wheel cover could be found on most JH Challengers with 14" wheels. Overall dimensions of the car are ; Length: 191.5 inches. Two gear ratios were available: 3.54:1 and 4.10:1. The R/T came as standard with the power bulge hood fitted with hood pins (locating fore and aft not across the hood). Dodge Challengers. Only cars built after this date could be ordered with this colour. I still have a whole collection for "show and tell". Car at the collector flange is about 5" off the ground, front tire is tucked slightly into the wheel well. An asymmetrically styled centre console was optional on all models with an auto or manual floor mounted shifter. google_ad_width = 160; It produces 290 bhp (294 PS/216 kW) of … Three steering wheels could be fitted. Click on one of the links below for 00

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