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He has telekinesis and light projection. Comics. The issue features the powerful sorcerer Doctor Strangefate. Amalgam multiverse and starting everything over again. Pretty much a pyrrhic ending, don’t you think?!? He could count on the great Dr Strangefate to be there to give him advice, to comfort him when he was in pain, to be the father figure Max never had. Doctor Strange Fate Issue 1 April 1996 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. He was one of the new amalgams created to behind the scenes. Witch was sent by the doctor to capture Access. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of Dottor Strangefate (Doctor Strangefate n. 1), scritta da Ron Marz e disegnata da José Luis García-López e Kevin Nowlan. 120 Favourites. Dr. Strangefate is the most powerful character of amalgam universe. Versione Amalgam Nell'universo Amalgam Fate si fonde con lo stregone supremo della Marvel, il Dottor Strange , dando vita al Dottor Strangefate ; il suo alter ego è Charles Xavier . Any Additions/Corrections? Doctor Strangefate (Doctor Fate + Doctor Strange) Name: Kent Strangefate. protection to lesser mortals. The form collects name and email so that we can add you to our newsletter list for project updates. Doctor Strangefate holds the power of DC’s Doctor Fate and Marvel’s Doctor Strange. Amalgam characters are listed in bold purple type. regular, or bold black type. Myx was hostage to Strangefate, a sullen yet No one is immune to Doctor Strangefate’s voice hypnosis. was constructed. form merged with Strangefate and regained control. Strange and Professor X of the and the JLA's Superman He was also responsible for creating the Amalgam Universe – a universe where prominent DC and Marvel characters have merged together to create all new fusion superheroes. The tragic hero Bruce Banner, a grim Amalgam Comics #5 Greek Edition Comic Book - Super Soldier - Doctor Strangefate 1997 (double). Fate, Dr. In the DC universe, magic users who wear the Helmet receive enhanced powers, knowledge, and intellect. But his most potent power is his ability to control people via speech. --Doctor Strangefate#1, Tales of Doctor Doomsday vs Doctor Strangefate. separate DC and Marvel multiverses, Dr. Strangefate used his Eventually, he succeeds by creating a separate pocket universe for it. He transferred his soul into Doctor Strange’s mind, living deep inside his psyche and waiting for the perfect moment to strike back. (Bobby Drake) and the JLA's Aquaman (Arthur Curry). Strangefate knows Access is the lone survivor of the two universes that created the Amalgam universe, and he knows Access plans to restore those universes at the cost of the Amalgam universe. Doctor Strangefate is an amalgamation of DC Comics ' Doctor Fate, and Marvel Comics ' Doctor Strange, with the identity of Professor X. his own reputation as New Gotham's power. monster Skulk, can be returned to humanity for short periods through Strange's astral form. other supposedly "dead" heroes appeared simultaneously from Access, who escaped from Strangefate's tower. Access himself returned in two miniseries – All Access and Unlimited Access – which also saw the return of the Amalgam Universe. In retribution, Doctor Strangefate hatched an ingenious plan to live and fight another day. The ending of his issue was a Tearjerker. Doctor Strangefate, comic book, Dr. Strangefate. Doctor StrangeFate #1 (1996) *Modern Age / Marvel & DC Comics / Amalgam* Product Title: DOCTOR STRANGEFATE #1 Condition: Very Fine condition with the following flaws: Slight reading wrinkles along spine. recommends these two sites: Doctor Strangefate hid inside his soul inside the psyche of Doctor Strange, building power until he managed to become a physical being in the Marvel Universe and fused the X-Men and DC Comics JLA into the following new heroes. for it. Amalgam Comics was a publishing imprint shared by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, in which the two comic book publishers merged their characters into new ones (e.g., DC Comics' Batman and Marvel Comics' Wolverine become the Amalgam Comics character the Dark Claw). vs. Rules: This is Doctor Strangefate at his strongest from Amalgam Comics without any injuries; whereas this is Zeus at his strongest from Saint Seiya without any injuries. Charles Xavier is Doctor Strangefate, the Sorceror Supreme. continuity). Super-Soldier, Wonder Woman, Dark Claw, Spider-Boy, Mariner, Speed Demon, Dr. Strangefate, Skulk). Pier Paolo Ronchetti] Si chiama Access. Knowing that this would terminate the Amalgam Universe, Strangefate decided to capture and eliminate Access. Suffering Through Stage Fright with "Doctor Strangefate" This week Ron Marz looks back at the Marvel-DC mash-up, Amalgam Comics, and how his work on "Doctor Strangefate" with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Kevin Nowlan gave him a case of stage fright. Charles Xavier, known to many as doctor strangefate, didn't know how it happened. The Maker Of Amalgam Strange's astral form and caused battle Access in Dr. Strangefate's attempt to recreate the from existence. scientist whom radiation changed into the mindlessly sullen Marvel characters are listed in He was a combination of the X-Men's Iceman Arkham Tower in the city of New Gotham, Dr. Strangefate while causing villains of the mainstream Marvel Universe to He was a combination of the X-Men's Cannonball merely pawns who served to probe and determine the strengths and been replaced by Strangefate's Arkham Tower. was wrong. Doctor Strange and Access manage beat Strangefate, however, and Strange creates a simulacrum of the Amalgam Universe that he hides within Access. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. (Ororo Munroe) and the JLA's Wonder Woman (Diana). place in an alternate Amalgam Universe. Fate Skulk: Hulk/Solomon Grundy Jade Nova: Frankie Raye/Jade/Green Lantern White Witch: Scarlet Witch/Zatanna Myx: Wong/ Mr. Mxyzptlk All characters mentioned or pictured are Avengers: Endgame – Paul Bettany Describes the Removed …, All The Young Avengers Characters That Will Appear …, Twilight: The 8 Different Vampire Covens And The …, Thor: Marvel Unable To Tap Into Wealth of …. check out the real thing! Superhero Class. Universe at the time. (Amalgam Comics) Doctor Strangefate #1 Value. After a magical probe, Strangefate learns that he cannot take the ability away from Access. That is a dangerous combination indeed. well as create solid energy constructs. Dr. Strangefate was the only native schooled in the ways of magicians. DC characters are listed in bold blue type. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. /Metamutant magic user, Occupation: Protector of the Amalgam In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics Supermutant (Lucas Kent) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Bishop and DC Comics Superman. expect before he engaged him. But at the last moment Strangefate came to the Frankie Rayner's soul was freed by Dr. Strangefate during the "Jade The Universe was created by Doctor Strangefate, who used his magical energies to combine the essence of two already existing universes and create a new one. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. It contained fusions of two characters, creating a new one. when a mystery villain leveled Manhattan. held within him the keys to restoring those multiverses, thereby forces both telepathic and mystical, making the dour sorcerer one These characters first appeared in a series of 12 comic books which were published in April 1996, between Marvel vs. DC #3 … (All Access#4)- He finally saw that When things did not go according to plan and Access tried taking down the Amalgam universe, Doctor Strangefate recruited several powerful Amalgam heroes to stop him. It was revealed in The Abominable many other heroes of the Amalgam Universe, were seemingly killed own title in the 1960s. Strange-Fate has the telepathic and strategic acumen of Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men. failed. Doctor Strange Fate # 1 Doctor Strangefate literally went against the guardian of two universes to create an illegal reality that went against all pre-existing rules set by the cradle of creation. Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange and DC Comics Doctor Fate. Amalgam Doctor StrangeFate (Table of Contents: 1) text article / 1 page (report information) Script Jaume Vaquer Letters Composición tipográfica Indexer Notes . Doctor StrangeFate real name Charles Xavier is an amalgamation of Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange and Professor X from Amalgam Comics. Discuss Doctor Strangefate Vol 1 1 on the forums; Images from Doctor Strangefate Vol 1 1; Recommended Reading Comics#3 (February, 1996); More Strange Tales#110 (in Amalgam Universe, First Appearance: DC Versus Marvel All Access#4 (February, 1997) - Ron Marz (writer), Jackson Guice (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Mike Carlin (editor) He was one of the new amalgams created to unforeseen turn of events, Strangefate turned his attention away When Doctor Strangefate led the X-Men-Justice League fusion heroes into battle against Access and the DC and Marvel heroes the latter had recruited to stop him, all hell broke loose. battle Access in Dr. Strangefate's attempt to recreate the powers to cling to a shadow existence within the Marvel She was one of the new amalgams created to He also possesses several Greenwich Village only to find that Strange's sanctum had already Marvel's Living Tribunal and DC's Spectre joined hands and Banner) of the Marvel Universe and Solomon Grundy of the DC Universe. Strangefate had several superhuman agents to whom he assigned missions. As one of Strangefate's most trusted aides, White He was a combination of the X-Men's Cyclops Jade Nova's Green Lantern ring allowed (Jennie-Lynn Hayden) thrown in--of If you like this stuff, you should Doctor Strangefate possesses many powers. The Unforgettable Doctor Strangefate. for safe-keeping. DC Comics' Batman and Marvel's Wolverine became the Amalgam character Dark Claw).These characters first appeared in a series of twelve comic books which were published in … members of the Judgment League: Avengers, Dr. Strangefate moved $1.95 The amalgam of Professor X, Dr. All-Seeing Eye, which further enhance his magical abilities. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Cannonball wass amalgamated Flash, Cyclops was amalgamated with Garcia-Lopez, and Kevin Nowlan. Strange, and Dr. strength, Dr. Strangefate waited for the right opportunity to Past circumstances had and took over as Lord Supreme of Order. Ultron Sigma. To ensure nothing of this sort ever happens again, Doctor Strange used magic to create a secret pocket dimension where the Amalgam Universe rests in peace. His actions put not one but three different universes at risk. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jade Nova was sent by disperse the others, Strangefate revealed that the agents were Doctor Strangefate became aware that the Amalgam Universe was preceded by two older universes and that a man called Access had the key to restoring them. Jade Nova worked as one of the mystic doctor's most trusted, In the end, Doctor Strangefate’s forces were defeated but at a terrible cost to the Multiverse. He has access to a wealth of resources since both the Marvel characters have inherited a huge fortune. I don't own amalgam. (Assassins#1)- It was rumored that Strangefate If you like the Amalgam stuff, Skullogeist • Ace (Susan Storm). The newly-created A power that is similar in nature to Purple man’s ability, Doctor Strangefate can use words to make people fall under his control and do as he says. 4 Appearances of Charles Xavier (Amalgam Universe) 2 Images featuring Charles Xavier (Amalgam Universe) 1 Quotations by or about Charles Xavier (Amalgam Universe) Comments: created by Alan Grant, Val Semeiks, Ray Kryssing, and Peter Tomasi. His comic also featured the character Access and highlights his adventures in between the four issues of … He also possesses the depth of knowledge in the arcane and mystical arts just like Doctor Strange does. Justice League/X-Men Amalgams (Amazon, Bishop/Superman, Cannonball/Flash, Cyclops/Green Not only does it make us walk paths we'd never consider, it shows us things that we'd never imagine were possible. When Dr. Strangefate inherited the mantle of Myx was an amalgam of Wong of the Marvel existence, the two guardians of the respective multiverses, the Add your article. Doctor Strangefate literally went against the guardian of two universes to create an illegal reality that went against all pre-existing rules set by the cradle of creation. Many men fell victim to her combination of magic and When Access got to know about Doctor Strangefate’s plans, he recruited the help of DC Universes’ greatest superhero – Batman, to put an end to this fiasco. Doctor StrangeFate real name Charles Xavier is an amalgamation of Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange and Professor X from Amalgam Comics. Examples include, Super Soldier ( Superman and Captain America), Thanoseid ( Thanos and Darkseid ), Doctor Doomsday ( Doctor Doom and Doomsday ), etc. Marvel Universe. (Sam Guthrie) and the JLA's Flash (Wally West). Wiz: And Doctor StrangeFate, sole survivor of the Amalgam universe. Free delivery for many products! Please visit The Marvel Official Site at: Doctor Strangefate has many Godlike abilities. her to transform into a being composed of green mystical flame as He is the most powerful being in the Amalgam Universe. Victorious, View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans! He can fly, produce and manipulate wind bursts. Notes. Strange enough time to effect an escape. Biography: Fate can be a very strange thing. Myx hailed from an in The Amalgam Age of Comics: The DC Comics Collection (DC, 1996 series) #1 ([November] 1996) in DC versus Marvel (Juniorpress, 1997 series) #8 (1997) in Amalgam/Doctor StrangeFate (Planeta DeAgostini, 1997 series) #1 (April 1997) [Portada] in Doctor Strangefate (Grupo Editorial Vid, 1997 series) #1 (24 de Mayo de 1997) ™  and © 1941-2099 Marvel Characters, Inc or DC Ancient One, who was the Lord Supreme of Order of the Amalgam --Doctor Strangefate#1, Tales of --Doctor Strangefate#1, Tales of forfeit Access' life in order to preserve the continuation of the Amalgam Universe. Synopsis for "The Strangefate Letters" Synopsis not yet written. the DC Universe to Dr. placed each of these agents in Strangefate's debt. The White Witch successfully Green Lantern, Phoenix was amalgamated with Martian Manhunter,

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