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This is achieved by (i) integrating statistics, mathematics and computing and (ii) being industry-driven. Multidisciplinary Minors (Open to all NUS students unless otherwise stated) Minor … Students are required to complete four 3-hour electives as described below. In a 5-year partnership that ensued, with IBM contributing industrial knowledge and NUS … CHS offers students access to a wide variety of major and minor combinations from both FASS and FOS so that you can chart your own pathway. FASS Minors. The minor in business analytics. This new proposed Minor in Management of Technology (MOT) aims to bridge the gap between engineering and business … The Minor may offer insights to students who are interested in exploring careers in the public, private or non-profit sectors, in areas such as community health and health surveillance, urban space planning, environmental health… Students from non-analytics domains can benefit from acquiring knowledge in data analytics… We are taught how to wrangle with big data, develop machine learning models, and then translate them into powerful business … Alternatively, students may still pursue a major-minor combination after being admitted. Read more Undergraduate Majors & Minors for Non-Business Students: Cohort 2017 and After Cohort 2016 and Before Double Degree BBAs BBA + Business Analytics … This are my opinions and may differ from … NUS-ISE BACC, introduced in 2012, is an outreach effort by the NUS-ISEM department to engage the pre-university students in the growing field of business analytics and attract their interests in pursuing related fields in their higher education. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organisations to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories. Phone number: +65 65162203 (Hons.) The location of this Minor at NUS makes it unique in terms of accessing a fast-growing world-class city for … B.Sc. This is a four-year direct honours programme which offers a common two-year broad-based inter-disciplinary curriculum where all students will read modules in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Dec… Prior to this, he was the Analytics Practicum Manager of the Master of IT in Business (Analytics… Business … 2) Business students with a specialization in Business Economics are not allowed to pursue a 2nd Major … ... As a NUS CS Senior myself, I would like to give some insight and possibly some room for discussion as well. Other than the factual differences such as fees, graduation requirements as well as period of commencement, what sets the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) offered by the Business Analytics Centre apart is the all-rounded and regularly reviewed 13-month curriculum with three vertical industry foci that is jointly designed by NUS … However, creating intelligence and gleaning real insights from this data is what continues to elude organisations.” – Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning. Interested students may declare the minor before the start of the semester and read the required business … How to Apply to CHS. The NUS Business Analytics Centre (BAC) was established in 2013, in collaboration with IBM, to develop the skills and knowledge of professionals in business analytics. It will also develop … A minimum 16 MCs of the Minor requirements must be earned from modules read in NUS, unless indicated otherwise by Faculties/Departments for specific minors. It is offered to students of selected programmes at the point of admission from cohort AY2019/20 onwards. A-Level. By contrast, the Business Analytics programme has the objective of producing graduates who are able to apply analytical tools to a range of business … Only coursework with a grade of “C-“or above will count toward the minor. Application Procedure (For Minors in Business Analytics, Information Systems, and Real Estate) (1) Direct Admission Applicants may select the respective Major-Minor course options when completing the application form for admissions for undergraduate courses to the National University of Singapore. Admission criteria for the NUS Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programme include: An excellent Bachelor's degree with a good honours classification, preferably from Business… FASS has designed several multidisciplinary and disciplinary minors. Technology plays a key role in the growth of a business. Management of Technology (MOT) has been increasing in since the early 1980’s. Since August 2006, the Minor in Technopreneurship Programme has been offered by the NUS Business School, having been transferred from the NUS Entrepreneurship Centre (NEC). with a major in Statistics (specialisation in Finance and Business Statistics) [160 MCs] B.Sc. The Minor is launched from AY 2020/21. Under this platform, students will be exposed to analytics … As part of NUS’ Special Undergraduate Programmes, this Minor is open to all NUS … The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) can be taken either as a 1-year (13-month) intensive full-time programme or a 2-year part-time programme. The Business Analytics Minor will consist of 12 credit hours. As public and private organizations house increasing data, a professional’s ability to understand and apply qualitative techniques and tools is valued far beyond traditional areas of accounting and finance. The NUS BBA Our NUS Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a pre-eminent leadership and management talent programme. An NUS education provides a strong technical foundation across all areas of computing, meaning that your Business Analytics … Course Objectives. Economics Major Business Analytics Minor. To provide a business analytics minor programme within NUS for non-computing students; 2. The Business Analytics minor is open to both College of Business and non-College of Business students. (Hons.) NUS Industrial Systems Engineering and Management. This minor, offered by the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management, will ground the engineering students with a solid foundation of systems engineering principles. Exceptionally good students may also opt to take the Minor by Semester 5 of their study to align to the NUS major/minor … An NUS education provides a strong technical foundation across all areas of computing, meaning that your Business Analytics training will be bolstered by strong general computer skills. The Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) degree programme is an inter-disciplinary undergraduate degree programme offered by the School of Computing with participation from the Business School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Please note the following restrictions: 1) Business students with a specialization in Business Analytics are not allowed to pursue a 2nd Major or Minor in Business Analytics. The Business Analytics minor … The corresponding maximum candidature … Ping Shung was a guest lecturer at NUS Institute of Systems Science and previously held an adjunct position in School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. DSC2008 Business Analytics–Data and Decisions “Most companies today have plenty of data. Business Analytics is the perfect degree for anyone interested in Statistics, Business, Computing, and of course, using data to create change. Address 1 Engineering Drive 2 Block E1A #06-25 Singapore 117576. Minor Entrepreneurship: No application is needed for non-business undergraduates who have not been admitted to the Minor programme at the point of admission to NUS. These minors are open Minors, and require the completion of specific modules. with a major in Data Science and Analytics [160 MCs] Second Major in Statistics [48 MCs] Second Major in Data Analytics [48 MCs] Minor … Modules read at NUS include all modules taught, co-taught, supervised or co-supervised by one or more NUS … Admission Requirements. Existing students from cohort 2016/17 or later who have taken CS1010S (or its equivalent) and BT1101 (or its equivalent) as either part of their degree requirements or Minor in Business Analytics can apply …

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