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The reversing valve not shifting properly. Your FAN setting should be set to AUTO, not ON. Ask our experts . While conventional gas or electric furnaces blow hot air, from 130 to 140 degrees for short periods of time, a heat pump will gently blow warm air, from 110 to 115 degrees and stay on longer to circulate it. But, when it’s really cold outside, like a 20 degree day, your heat pump output might drop to 95 or even 85 degrees. This setting should be set to AUTO, not ON. Set the thermostat to cool mode, a few degrees below your room’s temperature, so the thermostat calls for cooling. Probably a stupid question but is it a fan setting? Below, we’ll go into each of these possibilities in more detail, to give you a better idea of why your heat pump is blowing cold air. Since you don't know if it ever worked calling in a pro might be best. If this is your issue, you’ll need to contact a professional to come to check out your heat pump. When set to “ON” the fan will stay on even when your heat pump isn’t actually heating. It seems pretty warm, but 80 degrees is much cooler than the average body temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and could feel like cold air blowing into the home. Here’s why: The average body temperature is around 98.6 °F. https://nest.com/support/article/How-does-Nest-manage-different-stages-of-heating-and-cooling. One such issue is when the heat pump seems to be blowing out cold air even while in heating mode, which is likely to make them start fiddling with the thermostat in hopes of fixing the perceived problem. Emergency Heat, also known as “auxiliary heat”, is the second stage of heat that your thermostat runs on when the temperature is too cold for your heat pump to extract heat from the outside. So what’s defrost mode? When this happens, your heat pump is essentially in “cooling mode,” which is why you may feel cold air coming from your vents. But when it does, having your heat pump blow cold air is the last thing you need. My Heat Pump is Blowing Cold Air in “Heat” Mode! We’re not calling you crazy, but hear us out. Run fan every hour for x mins.. Furnaces tend to put out about 130 to 140 degree air. To determine if this is your issue, go outside and take a look at your outdoor unit (compressor). Check out our other blog posts for money-saving tips and helpful how-tos about heating and cooling. Next, check your outdoor unit is not iced over (see Heat Pump Troubleshooting Problem #1). Heat pumps are highly efficient to about 32°F. Heat pumps work much more gradually, and maintain comfort by keeping a steady flow of warm air … IE. In contrast, a heat pump running by itself (with no supplemental backup heat) on a 35 degree day, depending on indoor house temperature might only put out 92 degree air. The reversing valve is a vital component in heat pump … Generally speaking, a heat pump will produce air that is about 55 degrees warmer than the outside air. If it gets too cold outside, your heat pump’s outdoor unit may freeze, causing your system to go into defrost mode. Don't panic if you see frost on your outside equipment's coil. Don't panic if steam comes out of the top of the outside equipment. Damaged Ducts. Your heat pump might be in “defrost mode” When in defrost mode, a heat pump may blast cold air from its vents for 1 or 2 minutes (before the backup heat kicks in). Haven’t had any issues with it until the past few weeks. This could make it feel like cool air … When set to AUTO, your heat pump will only blow air when it’s heated. Refrigerant circulates in a closed-loop system, so if your system is low on refrigerant, there's a leak. Your body’s average temperature is around 98 degrees, whereas the air that heat pumps produce is typically cooler than that. Don't panic if you have a heat pump and if cold air blows out of your duct work for a little while on and off while you run your heat at home. Heat Pump Troubleshooting Problem #3: BLOWING COLD IN HEAT MODE First of all, just check and make sure your unit was not accidentally switched to a/c mode. To make sure that your heat pump is actually blowing cold air, … This kicks on if your heat pump can’t handle things in its usual way. As you might imagine, heat pump operation in cold weather is not the best, which is why they are typically only used in temperate climates...think beaches, palm trees, and oranges. If so, your heat pump is blowing warm air that just feels cold to you. You might have a failed heat strip kit as heat strips are a common emergency heat source for heat pumps. YOUR. Sign up now. Check your thermostat and make sure that its set to HEAT, not COOL. Invest a few dollars in new high-quality air filters before you try anything else. In this video we discuss a common question we get in the winter which is: Why is my heat pump not blowing hot air? The optimal heat pump temperature range is above 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Outdoor Cam IQ, Hello, Protect, Therm Gen3, Secure, Yale Lock. George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating provides the Phoenix area with, body’s average temperature is around 98 degrees, Your heat pump is fine, you just think your heat pump is blowing “cold” air, Your heat pump is actually blowing cold air, in which case there is likely an issue with your system, Thermostat accidentally set to “cool” mode. Be sure the indoor vents aren’t blocked. There … Get up-to-date current news, promotions and industry tips. Still Have a Heater that is Blowing Cold Air? If it was, it would have a spinning fan icon on the display. While that’s warm enough to raise the temperature of your home, it … If there is an issue with your reversing valve, your heat pump may actually be in cooling mode, in which case the air coming from your vents will be cold, not warm. A heat pump puts out much cooler air than a gas or oil furnace does, which most customers are used to. However, your heat pump will struggle to absorb warmth from outside if the coils on the outdoor unit are dirty, clogged or blocked with debris (resulting in less heated air to your home). This transfer of warm air to your outdoor unit helps to melt any ice on your outdoor unit. Arizona doesn’t get cold very often. theres a setting you can change to fix this. If the air from the supply vent is around 90 degrees, your heat pump is working fine. Learn more about the heat pump repair services we offer or…. I’m renting the house and it came with the nest. Refrigerant is the substance that absorbs heat from the air outside and draws that heat into your home. For now you could pull the Nest off of its base and disconnect the wires going to W1 and W2. The “HEAT” setting will cause your heat pump to operate in heating mode and blow warm air instead, but only if there is a call from the thermostat. But heat pumps also have one huge benefit that furnaces lack: Luckily, almost all of them are an easy fix for a certified heat pump repair team. What you might have is heat strips in your AC unit rather than a heat pump and in that case you would get heat. The nest seems to blow warm air normally but once it switches to alternative heat source, then it starts blowing cold air. If the heat pump turns on when you want cool air, but not for heat, this is likely the cause. Thermostat said cool but was wired to heat. and temp is down to 29 degrees and heat pumps will not give any heat. A furnace typically puts out air at around 130 degrees, whereas warm air from a heat pump is only a little over 90 degrees on a moderately cold day. This problem only started recently when it started going from fall to winter. Press J to jump to the feed. Is the Pilot Light lit? If your heat pump is blowing some cold air, there are a few things that may be going wrong. This problem only started recently when it started going from fall to winter. … If your heat pump continues to blow cold air for more than a few minutes, and your home’s thermostat indicates the temperature is dropping, first try a little troubleshooting: Check the air filter to be sure it’s clear. And, in cold weather, heat pumps tend to blow warm air out at 95°F. If it looks like the one pictured above, it’s time to enlist a professional to come and clean it. Moved into a new house a few months ago and it has a nest thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is set to “AUTO”, not “ON”. After installing the Nest Thermostat, my system seems to be having trouble calling for Auxiliary Heat. 2) If you test your home’s air supply and find that your heat pump is blowing cold air, call and schedule an appointment with a professional who can fix your heat pump. Save 10% when you book service online. Clean the pilot ignitor By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. That’s what we’re here for. Literally a wire was in the wrong hole. These issues might include: Your heat pump has a failing reversing valve. Hi, Heat pumps will only give heat above 32 degrees and will blow cold air it temp is below that. The air coming from your supply vent should be anywhere from 15-30 degrees hotter than the air near your return vent (depending on how cold it is outside). Discussion on Google Nest products, including installation and configuration. Check that shit 10 times. When set to on, your heat pump will blow air whether it’s heated air or not. Well, heat pumps actually heat your home by absorbing heat from the air outside, drawing that heat inside, and using that heat to warm up your home’s air. If so, your heat pump is likely in defrost mode and you don’t need to call a technician. Heat pumps vary in this aspect, some energise the reversing valve in cool mode, some de-energize it in cooling mode... if the factory nest programming has the heat pump operating in heat when it should be in cool... they ask you to manually reverse that function (page 22 last item, its a set up operation, after that it will be automatic) Not sure the - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. As we mentioned above, your heat pump heats your home by drawing in warm air from outside. But when the winter weather drops to 40 degrees, that means your system will blow air … Schedule your appointment (770) 421-8400 (770) 421-8400. Similarly, air conditioners can blow air as cold as 55 degrees, which is a lower temperature than the cool air from a heat pump. The nest seems to blow warm air normally but once it switches to alternative heat source, then it starts blowing cold air. Broken reversing valve: As the name suggests, the reversing valve allows the heat pump to work as both a heater and an air conditioner by reversing the direction of the refrigerant. That includes electrical problems such as bad compressor contactor. some systems have the wires 'crossed'. The furnace has a difficult time generating heat if there isn’t enough airflow into the unit. Size is not a matter of preference. A pro will need to repair the leak as well as refill your refrigerant. It blows cold air when the heat is on. Check It’s Size. To fix this, you’ll need to contact a technician and have them take a look at your system. If not, your system may have a valve problem, a refrigerant charge issue, or a compressor problem. Possible Conclusion 2: There’s a Problem that Needs Repair. It could be that your heater is working just fine. I am troubleshooting a nest thermostat that is blowing cool/cold air when it's supposed to be heating. I am in GS, AL. There are a few reasons your heat pump could be blowing cold air. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If the heat pump isn’t working at all but the air handler and blower are working fine, then the device will simply blow cold air from outside or possibly even just recycled cold air from inside. Are you out of backup heat? I hired a hvac guy to inspect it. If your heat pump is blowing cold air, look outside and see if your outdoor unit is frozen or has frost on it. Another setting on your thermostat is your FAN setting. While this may seem like an issue, your heat pump can usually heat your home just fine, but when it’s extremely cold out (below 30 degrees), it just takes your system a little longer to do so. The reversing valve is the mechanical valve that switches your heat pump from cooling mode to heating mode. However, if your heat pump doesn’t return to heating mode and you’re noticing cool air for a long period of time, you should reach out to a professional. Emergency Heat is typically triggered when it is 35°F and below outside. This is above my head but this article may help: https://nest.com/support/article/How-does-Nest-manage-different-stages-of-heating-and-cooling. If your compressor is dirty or clogged with debris, it's time to get it professionally cleaned. If you want to learn more about the heat pump defrost cycle, check out our blog, “Heat Pump Defrost Cycle”. We are Arizona’s most trusted HVAC pros and we’d be happy to help you repair any heat pump issues you’re facing. CHECK. The air coming from your supply vent should be anywhere from 15-30 degrees hotter than the air near your return vent (depending on how cold it is outside). Join our email newsletter. Like say it out loud to yourself while you’re doing it. Here’s the downside of a heat pump: The warmth of the air it produces is entirely dependent upon the outside temperature. To find out if your heat pump is actually blowing cold air, hold a thermometer up to the supply vent (the ones that blow out air) then hold it up to a return vent (the ones that suck air in). Here our experts at M&M Heating & Air Conditioning explain why this happens and whether or not it’s a cause for concern. Once your outdoor unit has defrosted, your heat pump will return to transferring heat into your home rather than to your outdoor unit. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Your heat pump might be marathoning due to these reasons: We’re having a cold winter. In either case, the heat pump isn’t running to heat the air and therefore, you’re getting whatever temperature it is outside. Heat pump not heating If your ducts have cracks or worse, … If your thermostat looks like this, make sure you change it to HEAT. Alt heat means the heat pump is turned off and the other source (usually gas furnace) is asked to heat. Do you know what setting it is to change? Do you use propane for back up heat? Plus, the colder it gets outside, the lower the temperature of the air a heat pump can produce. To protect the outdoor coils from freezing up in the winter, heat pumps go through a defrosting period every hour or so in which they are truly blowing out cold air. WIRING. So, even when a heat pump is working just fine, the air a heat pump circulates may feel “cold” compared to your body heat. Think you may have an issue with your heat pump and want a skilled professional to take a look? If gas supply is interrupted for any reason, the gas furnace pilot light will go out. It's all part of the process of heating your home with a heat pump! Not sure who to call to help with your heat pump? It blows cold air when the heat is on. This should run the heat pump only. Home; If you’re trying to determine whether the cold air you’re feeling is a legitimate heat pump issue or not, we suggest you do the following... 1) Test your heat pump’s supply and return air with a thermometer. So if gas furnace it has failed. This happened to me. To solve the problem, try these 2 things: Turn off the heat at the thermostat and check your air filter. Here is the old thermostat wiring: Original Thermostat Wiring This wiring was copied to the Nest: Nest Wiring Did you find this article helpful? Came home to a house at 108 degrees after a weekend visiting friends. Off topic here, but did you drop your Nest thermostat? This isn’t a problem when it’s 55 degrees outside—your system will expel air that’s a toasty warm 110 degrees or so. It will also need to be replaced by a technician. If there is a leak in your refrigerant line, there won’t be enough refrigerant to draw in the proper amount of heat to warm up your home’s air. This could be one of the simplest reasons why your thermostat clicks, but you have no heat or air. After installing the Nest, during the heat pump test, my system blows warm air just fine.BUT, for the aux heat test, the air is not warm, and feels like room temp or slightly colder.. When in defrost mode, your heat pump starts transferring heat out of your home (towards your outdoor unit) instead of transferring heat inside your home. Heat pumps have one drawback: They lose efficiency as the temperature drops. Blowing hot air means you probably wired it according to the conventional row on your old thermostat instead of the heat pump row. What to do if your heat pump is blowing cold air. Below freezing, your heat pump simply can’t draw enough heat from the cold air outside and will kick on its auxiliary heat mode to generate heat for your home. If your heat pump is blowing cold air, some possible causes include: Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail below. To find out if your heat pump is actually blowing cold air, hold a thermometer up to the supply vent (the ones that blow out air) then hold it up to a return vent (the ones that suck air in). Otherwise you will need reverse engineer and figure out what you have and how Nest should be set up. Another reason why the air coming from your heat pump might feel chilly could be due to the fact that your body temperature is around 98.6°F and heat pumps blow air that is a temperature below that. The colder it gets outside, the less heat your heat pump can absorb from outside, and the lower the temperature your heat pump produces. May be something as simple as a switch or breaker is turned off. Don’t worry, it happens more often than you think. Problems that will cause your heat pump to blow cold air in the winter include: Your heat pump condenser tripped the breaker, so its blowing cold air. It’s Defrosting. Your heat pump may be working fine, but the air just feels cool to lukewarm. If it’s dirty, change it! Mon - Sun 7am to 10pm 24 Hour Emergency Service Contact Us. If you recently turned your heat on, this could be the issue. It seems like an odd answer, but some homeowners just aren’t used to how a heat pump operates.

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