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Twelve Forever is an animated series about an enthusiastic young girl named Reggie who doesn't want to grow up and creates a fantastic world where she and her friends lives out her super hero fantasies while opposing the plans of the vile Butt Witch. i binged watched twelve forever a few days ago so i thought why not. 89 . And what she saw, Reggie, dead to the floor. It lasted for 3 minutes until it cut to another clip. Why She Rocks. Twelve Forever is a Netflix animated series created by Julia Vickerman (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Clarence), with Shadi Petosky (Danger & Eggs) serving as showrunner. With Kelsy Abbott, Jaylen Barron, Antony Del Rio, Spencer Rothbell. I am fucking scared of what I saw., Dustin (older brother), Judy (mother), Daryl (father), Weapon: Love shooter, flail, hammer, machete, flamethrower, hockey stick, folding chair, axe, Dislikes: Growing up, school, The Butt Witch, Likes: Toys, her friends, drawing, Endless Island, Conelly. It's a show about a girl named Reggie who never wants to grow up. "Whoa! It then cut to Reggie, She was sitting on her bed with that still sad look. carbonatedbee. twelve forever 12 forever twelve forever reggie meme 12 forever reggie shitpost rb. Unfollow. Twelve Forever is an American animated television series that premiered on Netflix on July 29, 2019. Reblog. The title of the episode was called, "Reggie Ends It All." 9 0 Regina "Reggie" Abott is the main protagonist of the 2019 show Twelve Forever. However, I'm kind of concerned that there was something dark with this series. Reggie's wild imagination unlocks a weird and wonderful world where she can be herself - and escape the pressures of growing up. ZombeeCrazy. I felt confused for 10 seconds, After that, I thought it was an adventure of my own. ", CREEPYPASTA- Twelve Forever Lost Episode- Reggie Ends It All. The next scene was also scary. 37 notes. Comments Add a Comment. Reggie replied nonchalantly. By RobinKeys Watch. But from what I do remember is the trailer and the fact that it debuted in 2019. Reggie and Connelly flashed onto Endless Island and found themselves in front of a cheery crowd. She looked at me for 25 seconds until she cried again. vraeska . The episode started with Reggie playing a banjo for a talent show that she had at school according to a poster next to her. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? This lasted for 6 minutes before Reggie looked up at the screen. When his big brother goes away to college, Todd creates a replacement: … She doesn't seem to like reality, as she often visits her subconscious and most of her time on Endless Island, where she created many creatures. Reggie faces her feelings about her dad. 781 notes. The series premiered on July 29, 2019. Whoa! Reggie was disappointed. It was a picture of Reggie standing in a dark room. Created by Julia Vickerman. 0. Allergic to Love : Being around Connelly sends Reggie into a near panic attack. It's a show about a girl named Reggie who never wants to grow up. That's when I came across something. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Obviously, Reggie's family was not seen in as if they wanted her to do it herself. It must've been that we gave her a bra on her birthday. I called my friend George to know what this DVD was. Reggie started playing the banjo and lots of people were booing. Twelve Forever, a short-lived series, had a number of LGBTQ characters.This included … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After 20 seconds, It showed something that made me jump out of my seat. Reggie Abbott. Yep, You heard me right, She never wants to age more. I found the DVD a few days ago and it kinda scared me. Her eyes were now blood red. I remembered that I had a Netflix fan friend of mine who could name every single series. Shop all ENDLESS REGGIE items and apparel from the official TWELVE FOREVER store now - Shirts, tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, youth items, hats, accessories, and much more! Regina "Reggie" Abbott, is the main protagonist of the show, Twelve Forever. twelve forever twelve forever reggie twelve forever esther reggie esther reggie abbott esther hopkins elmer janned snaps i cant edit so im sorry for my handwriting. 12| Regina "Reggie" Abbott; Reggie(Twelve Forever) Conelly (Twleve Forever) Todd (Twleve Forever) Gwen (Twleve Forever) Esther; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Canon Gay Character; Gay; Gay Character; First Crush; Crushes; Flush … r/12Forever: A subreddit for the Netflix animated series Twelve Forever created by Julia Vickerman. Please, Don't buy it! The screen faded to black for 15 seconds before cutting to the credits. Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Reggie's Friends, New Caney, Texas. Anybody is welcome to comment about anything … Reggie's parents were the hosts of the funeral. Originally a Cartoon Network pilot that premiered online on May 18th, 2015, the show was greenlit as a Netflix production two years later. Twelve Forever - Reggie x Conelly. My Reason: Characters left: 140 He apologized for what happened. Her eyes were red with black pupils. Reggie is an imaginative, wild, energetic 12-year-old girl. The intro looked normal enough, Even though I haven't watched the entire series. 39 Favourites. S01E23: colorised. She loves to have fun and doesn't like her middle school. Goodbye!". "Twelve!" She wears a beige t-shirt, canary yellow wide-leg cropped pants, a brown belt with a silver buckle, black ankle-length leggings and high top sneakers, left being pink and right being light blue. 9.7K likes. Connelly looked around her in curiosity and slight panic. We just don't know how! Reggie is of average height. Follow. About 1 year ago . 149 notes. And if you see it. She had a sad look on her face as she walked away. So I bought the DVD and got in my car. Reggie VOICE Kelsy Abbott. Now what was Netflix thinking? It then cut to a church, People were walking inside. Whoa! It showed people gathering for the talent show. Directed by Annisa Adjani, Julia Vickerman, Kenneth Wong. It's not squidward's suicide so please stop saying it's a clone... Do not edit this page or else i will throw a tantrum, Creepypastas that DaveTheUseless should read, A time card appeared and it said, "2 Days Later." I was looking for some DVD's based on TV shows. 14m. She and her friends Todd and Esther can escape to Endless Island, an absurdly wonderful place full of strange creatures who adore and are loyal to Reggie's crew. Yep, You heard me right, She never wants to age more. When he got in contact with me, I told him everything about what I found. This is inspired by the Netflix series, Twelve Forever, where Reggie, is the main character. "Forever Young" is one of those rare records, featuring the instrumental compositions and guitar work of legendary recording studio session guitarist Reggie Young. ... Reggie approaches Conelly, who continues to persist in befriending Reggie by asking if she would like to be the art director in her film and asks Reggie if she wants to meet her friends. She loves to have fun and doesn't like her middle school. Her mom came in claiming that dinner was ready. Follow. Reggie is an imaginative, wild, energetic 12-year-old girl. native and creative, like she created a cute creature called Flaps that can generate useful weapons to fight bad guys. TV Show: Twelve Forever. Trust me, What you will see will shock you.". "What's Endless?" 205 notes. Reggie took out a shotgun and shot herself. Reggie's dream is to be a kid forever. To this day, I sold the tape somewhere else. Show Less. There was silence for about 5 seconds before a some french-english like announcer spoke out: "Ladies and Gentlemen, This school theatre center is proud to present, Reggie Abbott! Character Information Regina "Reggie" Abbott, is the main protagonist of the show, Twelve Forever. Conelly shouted. She has no interest in growing up and acts like a child, enjoying childish activities such as playing with dolls. Twelve Forever is a American animated web series created by Julia Vickerman, a former writer and storyboard artist on Cartoon Network's original show Clarence, that premiered on Netflix on July 29, 2019. What the heck is going on?!" 1 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Oct 18, 2019 . Reggie (5) Conelly (Twelve Forever) (5) Include Relationships Big Deal/Butt Witch (Twelve Forever) (11) Reggie Abbott/Conelly (9) Butt Witch (Twelve Forever)/Reader (4) Gwen/Todd (Twelve Forever) (4) Reggie Abbott & Butt Witch & Esther Hopkins (4) Beefhouse/Mack (Twelve Forever) (3) Reggie Abbott/Tulip Olsen (2) I was thinking that Twelve Forever had a secret series finale. Her key takes her to the magical land of Endless Island in her subconscious, where she lives as a superhero known as Twelve. Reggie's Friends is a 501c3 registered, federally tax exempt organization located in TX. Guy Pleasant Forever. But it didn't sound like cartoon crying, It was actual crying as if the voice actor was sobbing. Her dream is so powerful that it creates its own fantasy world of perpetual youth. The collective yelled. "The girl you are seeing on the front is named Reggie, She is from the TV series called Twelve Forever. Her key takes her to the magical land of Endless Island in her subconscious, where she lives as a superhero known as Twelve. Reggie's mom woke up to get Reggie ready for school. On the same level as Tulip Olsen from Cartoon Network's Infinity Train and Anne Boonchuy from Disney Channel's Amphibia. An imaginative teenager who has the playfulness and imagination of a kid even when she is now 12 … I also remember that she was playing Megalovania from Undertale. Being in her own head, it often makes her act selfish but if always willing to help her friends and the inhabitants on Endless. A time card appeared again and it said, "The Next Day." What kinda disappointed me is that Reggie's eyes were bloodshot. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2/Closing Credits. I was at a store named Value Village which is like a thrift shop. rhinest0neeye5. She has sandy skin, big round black eyes, thin eyebrows and a small gap between her teeth. She doesn't seem to like reality, as she often visits her subconscious and most of her time on Endless Island, where she created many creatures. 0 Comments. #twelve forever #reggie #twelve forever reggie #twelve forever conelly #reggie x conelly #ronelly. With Kelsy Abbott, Jaylen Barron, Antony Del Rio, Bridget Everett. I put the DVD into my Xbox One when I got home and started watching it. Except, It sounded like an older woman. cartoonstyle fanart cartoonfanart twelveforeverreggie netflixfanart twelveforeverconelly twelveforeverconely twelveforevercharacters twelveforevercartoon netflix netflixcartoon netflixseries twelveforever twelveforeverfanart. Takes a darker turn when Reggie can't even be in the same room as her without making a beeline to Endless. Her alter ego on Endless is tied to her age. People around the same age as her can relate to her, … TWELVE FOREVER is a story about 12-year-old Reggie, a weird kid who doesn't want to grow up, still likes playing with toys, and hates girly things. Meanwhile, There was a shot of Reggie's house at night. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving. Show More. I also noticed that there was the sound of wind blowing from the intro to The Fox and the Hound. Reggie is a recently turned 12-year-old girl who is stubbornly refusing to grow up and act her age. #twelve forever #twelve forever reggie #12 forever. Discover what it's like to be Twelve Forever by watching the entire series now on Netflix!. The mother spoke out: "Our daughter Reggie has killed herself last night. One of TV's most recent unique cuties in recent times. She often does things without thinking of the outcomes or consequences, which leads her into conflicts like turning Tristan into a baby and making him huge enough to destroy Party Island. Kelsy Abbott is the voice of Reggie in Twelve Forever. Follow. Later on, I called George and told him my experience. Did you ever hear of Twelve Forever? Upload Download Add to wardrobe 3px arm (Slim) Background Chibi Reggie Twelve Forever! And this is what he said: So I sold the DVD to Value Village. It is based on Vickerman's animated pilot of the same name produced by Cartoon Network Studios in … "We're on Endless." I have no idea how that happened. Connelly is Reggies crush, making Reggie act awkwardly and skittish around her. Reggie, Was crying. They started leaving after just a few seconds of the music. 377 Views. I don't know why our sweetheart murdered herself. Night In The Woods: The Final Night (FULL VERSION), MCPECreepypastaMaker/Pinkie Pie's Suicide, Dead Bart Lost "The Simpsons" Episode VHS Footage. She has long messy orange hair. She was like this for 10 seconds before her body started moving as she put her legs together and her hands over her eyes. It was a picture of a girl looking at me with bloodshot eyes. Twelve Forever: Reggie Ends It All Did you ever hear of Twelve Forever?

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