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It’s crazy to think that you got into nursing school on pure luck, or that you got the job because your resume slipped through the cracks. Because it is quite awesome to be able to care for individuals as a job. So I don't feel like I sacrifice any part of my life. Close. Great nurses have come from not-so-great nursing programs, and vice versa. I enjoy talking to people, be it patients, MDs, coworkers, and interprofessional staff. Now, pardon me while I run for the door to get a head start on all of you who are about to pound me over the head for being so pollyanna-ish! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or worries! Hello! If I go to nursing there is a school near where I live. Ask your questions and tear down your fears. But one persons boot to the nuts is another persons awesome. There are so many options and, in many scenarios, you’re not around blood. As you do that, fill up a sheet of paper with a list of PROs and CONs that apply to you. Start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Getting into nursing school has become a money-making scheme for universities and testing sites. Then they give you video, audio, and other versions of knowledge that your instructors might expect you to get from a book.'ll always have to work unless you marry rich or win the lottery. One of the reasons I think that nursing students should get Academy when they start nursing school is they actually teach you how to take nursing school tests and the NCLEX. I don't really take things personally and this is really an important trait to have. So why did you guys decide to become nurses? All are welcome. Several additional things to consider that haven’t been already addressed. Do you regret all the time in school, do you enjoy the work? En español | Each year, hundreds of thousands of students who are age 50 and older go back to school. So I was like, okay, that's it, I've been thinking about this for months now, if I know how to help people I won't have to sit out on a situation like this again. You will take courses in the classroom and in a clinical lab setting. Many RNs worry that they’re too old to complete their degree. rpric7990. I really want to go to paramedic school. How much of living your life do you have to sacrifice because of your work? I don't always feel like I'm helping people, but then I think about it and the little small shit I do that I barely even think about makes a huge difference. The average medical school debt is $164,776 for the doctorate alone. First, you should be at least 18 years old, although a few states allow 16- or 17-year-olds who have parental consent. Nursing-Specific Exams . Nursing school isn’t just for twenty year olds, as some may think. Great question! I would recommended take Anatomy and bringing that grade up. Again, some MA courses may be transferable to the LPN program. A large part of why I became a nurse was because I wanted reasonably secure employment. It has been over 8 years since I graduated and am only working part-time as a nurse due to health-related issues at age 61. Hire a Tutor for School. I am a guest speaker for health classes, do sex ed and have taught prenatal classes. My BSN was in 98 & MSN in 05. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Of course there are also families who are grateful and kind for any help or care you give. If this post isn't allowed please remove. I dont have anything now, not RN, CNA, nothing. I expected school … Aspiring nursing students who are looking for a simple play-by-play of the steps needed to get into nursing school have come to the right place. I think nursing is a fantastic career with a lot of great options. I live right by Portland, but no one would take me - they were afraid I'd get hurt and be another person who needed to be helped. You could try being a CNA first. Go see what it's like first. So I went for the 3rd one — go back to school. Instead they pound into you how you're going to be a respected professional, you're going to be doing all these wonderful things for your patient. There are other opportunities to continue or start over. Next, you will need to find a CNA training program that is approved by your state. I would get an ABSN then work for a couple of years to apply to PA. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. I am currently a CNA and have one client who I am a full time caregiver too. Jan 4, 2007. Some of them are a hard kick to the balls. If you’ve been asking should I become a nurse? Schooling sucks ballz, but once you’re clear of it it’s quite a nice job that offers gr8 benefits and work-life balance and a lot of flexibility. Sometimes it’s not a matter of not wanting to go back to school, but of doubting the feasibility. The school you choose should be accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( CCNE). But I personally believe that is found in most jobs. It was easily sold to me. Created Oct 18, 2009. Hope and excitement about the future collides with the sudden need to make what seems like a zillion choices. Should I go to Nursing School? springchick1, ADN, RN. Maybe there is another specialty that you want to try. I quit nursing school. “How to Pass Nursing School” has information students can use to help them prepare for the journey ahead. Honestly, it is a lucrative degree for how relatively short the schooling is compared to the pay. As an example, working as a registered nurse allows the person to deal directly with patients. “I think anyone coming into nursing school should really prioritize self-care and getting good food, good sleep, exercise,” he says. Is nursing what I want to do with my life? My husband and I have an itch to start making babies (we want 3 or 4) although we know it would be much "easier" to wait until I finish school. Nursing programs vary in challenge by nursing specialty type studied and the related length of the program. But class sign-ups are in February and for the first time it's really hitting me what a big decision this is. you know just how many factors go into the career decision. Make your life easier by earning the grades upfront. These insights from nurses can illustrate what becoming an RN really means. I hate being in debt and would not go into debt if I don't think it is a good return on my investment. “But then in nursing school you learn about all the different avenues you can work as a nurse such as labor and delivery, schools, clinics, hospitals, etc. I'm afraid that going based on this feeling of obligation to help people might make me unhappy, but helping people -is- what makes me happy. I really do try to employ specific and direct strategies to diminish the effects of burnout (i.e. Nursing school isn’t for the faint of heart. The total medical school debt is anywhere from $122,545 to $224,566 depending on the institution. Yes. I was in a similar situation as yourself. I am certified in Illinois. -Required education. P-lan. Better pay, more opportunities, and (most importantly), you get to wear professional pajamas. It's tough when everything is one big cloud over you. It’s crazy to think that you got into nursing school on pure luck, or that you got the job because your resume slipped through the cracks.

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