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UK games (football and basketball) are just about the highlight of his day. I didn’t think hypocrisy could be taken to a whole new level until some kids quietly objected to everything wrong in this country….congrats. I am the class of 1979 and a US Air Force retiree. You are in for a real shock when the China Joe, Schumer, Harris, Palosi, AOC, and the other American haters take full control. “We understood that our gesture would have consequences,” Sarr said Monday. LEXINGTON, Ky. — The University of Kentucky men's basketball got a big win Saturday, but it's their performance prior to the game that has two law enforcement figures burning UK gear. He took to heart what we said and did it with us for the cause. The above post is for David Gilkey. The 34-year-old megastar will perform The Star-Spangled Banner at the 20 January inauguration as Biden succeeds Donald Trump as president and Harris takes … May she defend our laws, And ever give us cause, To sing with heart and voice, National Song of Scotland | National Song of Northern Ireland. The bill states that “all individuals and organisations” should respect and dignify the national anthem and play it and sing it on “appropriate occasions”. I have many uncles who served in most of the armed forces (including a Marine on D-Day). Go out and protest or whatever in the streets of Lexington. © 2021 The decision by Kentucky men's basketball coaches and players to kneel during the national anthem before a game over the weekend didn't sit well with two law enforcement officials in the heart of Big Blue Nation. Common law jurisdictions such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States do not make it a crime to disrespect their national anthem. That shows we are all together. A coach who understands that KY basketball is about winning SEC season titles as well as the conference tournament title. China's national anthem, March of the Volunteer, was composed in 1935, with lyrics written by poet Tian Han and music composed by Nie Er. John Calipari:Kentucky basketball has 'pushed the coffin back open'. Our allies and enemies think of us as divided and weak. The composer was given UGX2 000. Details about each symbol were provided in appendices, including specifications for the construction of the flag and sheet music for Kimigayo. The National Song for the United Kingdom. This short post is an attempt… The law was first reviewed by the legislature in June. The Act on National Flag and Anthem established the Nisshōki as the national flag and Kimigayo as the national anthem. The official version of the national anthem is ordered to be disclosed on websites of the State Council and the national people's congress. As a former UK mom I am so proud of you young men. Related:Will UK's basketball team continue to kneel during national anthem? Opponents of the anthem bill and the national security law see them as signs of Beijing’s tightening control over the territory. Anthem Studies in Law Reform bridges the gap between legal activism and academic scholarship by publishing short books (20,000 - 30,000 words) focused on law reform. Why they even took over entire cities this past summer. He couldn’t do it. Kentucky coach John Calipari didn’t become aware of the team’s plans until the Wildcats were on their way to the arena. I have an associates degree from a UK supported community college. Look at other dictionaries: National anthem — National Na tion*al (? I hope Stoops stands against this kind of protest. On Thursday, Hong Kong Watch releases an in-depth report into Hong Kong’s National Anthem Law. I have never fault in a war or had a family member but I do know what the American flags stand for. Regardless, I’ll keep cheering on the cats. Oliver you might want to spend a little time reading your history books. First, Art. GO CATS!! I will never support this team and will not give one dime to the University! I have never been more embarrassed in my life. Many years later, the composer sued in the High Court for an order declaring, inter alia, that he was the lawful holder of the copyright in the national anthem, and that he was entitled to 40 years’ worth of royalties. It was already great. 75 million Americans disagree with you Jim, and we’ll see what the American economy looks like after 4 years of Biden and the Socialists’ destroy it. The Republican party wants to be the Authoritarian party. Olivier Sarr and his Kentucky teammates knew not everyone would approve of what they did when they kneeled during the national anthem before Saturday’s win at Florida. I have heard him say atleast 50 times we are 2 weeks away from announcing our new health care plan. English-Ukrainian law dictionary  national anthem. Japan has also voiced concern while UK ministers are facing calls to take 'immediate action'. Meanwhile, members of the Knox County Fiscal Court in the southeastern corner of the commonwealth also denounced the basketball team Monday in a resolution that asks Kentucky's elected officials to "reallocate tax funding from unpatriotic recipients to hardworking Kentucky Taxpayer's (sic) across this commonwealth. They could show unity by playing as a team and they wouldn’t have lost 6 straight games. He started a trade war that has done nothing but put hundreds of farms out of business. Obama had to clean up a financial crisis in his first term left by Bush. [Cf. Know what the Cats mean to you. The University of Kentucky men's basketball got a big win Saturday, but its their performance prior to the game that has two law enforcement figures burning UK gear. We just believe a man, black of white, deserves a chance to make an honest living. The many candidates for authorship include John Bull (c. 1562–1628), Thomas Ravenscroft (c. 1583–c. Why they even have Obama on tape bellying up to Putin and making promises. I’ve been a UK basketball fan for 45 years,but until Coach John Calipari is gone from UK I will not watch any more UK basketball .kneeling during the national anthem is wrong! LEXINGTON — The Kentucky men’s basketball team took a knee during the national anthem prior to the Wildcats’ 76-58 win over Florida on Saturday in Gainesville. Mosley, meanwhile, encouraged UK fans who disagreed with what had happened at Florida to bring shirts that they no longer want to the county jail Monday, where those fans could exchange them for "Back the Blue" shirts. If they had thrown out all the dead people that voted for Joe, and the big dump in the middle of the night on 11/3/20 of illegal mail in votes, Trump wins hands down. He built a border wall that virtually stopped illegal immigration, and encouraged all to respect our country’s flag. Long time fans & contributed to the sports programs for over 35 years, but we are done doing both. The team knelt during the national anthem ahead of the matchup with Florida. "These kids are good kids," Calipari said. Knox Fiscal Court asks tax funds to be reallocated away from UK after team kneels during national anthem By Jarrod Mills and Erin Cox Staff writer/Editor Jan 11, 2021 I am just proud Coach stood with us,” Sarr said. “I am pleased that the We support their right to speak on things they believe in . "I can't promise what size you're going to get, because I expect they're going to go fast," Mosley added. Where was all the outrage then by some of you liberals who are so outraged by the unrest now. The Hon'ble Supreme Court in Shyam Narain Chouksey v. Union of India (Writ Petition – Civil No. I have a question for you. Hey Jim, real patriots stormed the U. ... that would criminalise disrespect of China's national anthem. Any chance any of you that are clutching your pearls and throwing yourself on the floor kicking and screaming like a five year old in the cereal aisle at Kroger got season tickets?? You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

, Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.116 Safari/537.36, Olivier Sarr and UK teammates knew kneeling during national anthem would have consequences. That is why frustrated patriots have had enough of the BS that started in 2016, and had continued against Trump for 4 long years. She did not understand the protests but would never think of not watching the Cats — except when they get behind and she gets nervous and changes the station. Billy Donovan could be that kind of coach, so could Brad Stephens. Required fields are marked *. I am aware that not every veteran agrees with the veterans in my family and my friends and I respect your right to disagree…you signed up and you should be heard on this. I truly think they meant no disrespect at all Lonnie. In order to become a national anthem, however, it needed to be rescued from rowdier contexts. Criticism of the anthem law, long anticipated to be approved by the lawmakers, has been muted amid bigger concerns over Beijing’s decision to push ahead with a national-security law … This action was showing more respect for the flag than the seditionists that were desecrating the flag at the capital insurrection. Ran it into the ground. Unfortunately will never be again, especially basketball. They all worked hard for what they had, and respected the Constitution of the United States, the rule of law, and the American flag. Controversial national anthem law takes effect in HK (Ld),Hong Kong, June 12 (IANS) The controversial law, which can bring up to three years in prison to those who insult China’s “March of Volunteers” national anthem, took effect in Hong Kong on Friday, after it was signed by the city’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam. I am through with UK unless Barnhart fires Calipari for allowing that nonsense to take place with a bunch of coddled and spoiled athletes under his charge. I thought the Republican party was supposed to be the Christian party. My entire family went to UK! Does D day mean ANYTHING to him? My mom is the same way. God save the Queen! Done with all this BS. All rights reserved. I here the NBA is looking for people please take a look you might be a better fit. “Obviously we knew some people would react a certain way. A coach who makes sure these kids go to class and keep their grades up so they will have a degree if basketball is not in the cards after their time here. (Getty Images) Lady Gaga is set to sing the US national anthem at the swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.. The corruption in the FBI led by Jim Comey. Larry Weeks condemned the UK team’s peaceful protest as an insult to people in the military and law enforcement and “patriotic citizens who otherwise contributed to our nation in so many ways.” But what set Root and Mosley off happened before the game. To have or not to have a national anthem law Michael Chugani January 17, 2019 09:00 There is nothing wrong in promoting respect for the national anthem of your country. Nice future, right Jim? What happened at the Capitol on January 6 was hard to watch, I agree, but so was the theft of an American Presidential election where the incumbent got more votes than any President in history, while the challenger couldn’t put a sentence together, did no real campaigning, then sat back and watched the big steal happening for him in the middle of the night. A national anthem (also state anthem, national hymn, national song, etc.) You can kiss my A$$ hoss. Disrespecting the millions of soldiers, the Flag and National Anthem may make some kind of statement but what it does most of all is divide. But there has also been plenty of support from other UK fans. “We just want the best for everyone and want peace.”. Now you dumb ass democrats want to impeach him again so you won’t have to face a real American President in2024 who you can’t beat in an honest election. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is the national anthem of the United States. to kneel during the national anthem before a game over the weekend, the riot by supporters of President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol. I started listening to Cawood Ledford 45 years ago with Dad, and have loved the Cats since the other day. That is your man Biden’s party Jim. I fully support their right to protest, I just do not think that is a acceptable venue to do so. He tried every way possible to get rid of the ACA. LOL. Australia amended its national anthem to remove reference to the country being "young and free" amid calls to recognise that its Indigenous people are the oldest continued civilization in the world. Good luck UK? He lost by 7.5 million votes. Previous Die Hard Blue Fan. The National Anthem Law is a national law outside the limits of the autonomy of the HKSAR, and as such may be listed in Annex III to the Basic Law pursuant to Article 18 of the Basic Law. 855/2016) issues a series of directions concerning compulsory playing of National Anthem in Cinema Halls, standing up while the National Anthem is playing and a prohibition on dramatization of the National Anthem. I think one should clearly define what they are protesting and not do it on someone else’s dime. It was just a peaceful way to protest. There is no uniform law in India regarding the anthem and the 29 states have had their own laws on the issue. I will never buy my season tickets again. Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said the BVI’s territorial song resonates more with residents and should replace the UK National Anthem at more local events. Will UK's basketball team continue to kneel during national anthem? Wrong place and wrong way to address a political problem. I do understand these young men wanting to protest people of color not treated the same as other’s Or should we say the Harris years. I give Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, and the Muslim Squad less than one year to wreck the U. S. economy, and usher in a dark period in U. S. history. Stay in power until he dies and then let junior take over. I am an Alumni, supporter and fan of all Uk sports programs. Or how about this, taking over entire towns like Milwaukee, Seattle, Portland, etc. Biden couldn’t win the 2020 election honestly so they stuffed the ballot boxes in the middle of the night. “Whether we do it once or twice, our mind and focus is on that and these issues and gestures at all times.”. That is if we can all survive the Socialists policies they will push on us before the mid terms. "God Save the Queen" is the national anthem of the United Kingdom and one of two national anthems used by New Zealand since 1977, as well as for several of the UK's territories that have their own additional local anthem. I know this post will get taken down, but Calipari and his team made this political when they chose to take a knee for the flag of the United Stares of America in a time when there is so much division. Did you drink some bleach? The Wildcats have won three games in a row and are back in action Tuesday night vs. Alabama. Let’s look at a little history too. Just raise awareness. Two law enforcement officials in Eastern Kentucky had a statement of their own after the UK men's basketball team knelt during the national anthem. Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley said the BVI’s territorial song resonates more with residents and should replace the UK National Anthem at more local events. As a former UK mom I am so proud of you young men. In previous home games this season, the Wildcats had stayed in the locker room while the anthem played in Rupp Arena, according to The Athletic's Kyle Tucker. Moved the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem. You just watch. “I don’t care about outside opinions of other people. By the way black soldiers have have fought and died beside white soldiers in all the wars. Your kneeling during the National Anthem disgusted me. The new laughing stock of the world. National anthem law is about respect, and schools are already teaching that. It won’t keep anyone out. As for the flag, if you love this country you will honor it no matter if you are black or white. What I do not appreciate is the lack of respect for the FLAG / ANTHEM! Over 60 judges said the election was fare. As soon as I heard what our players did Sat. Liberals like you have no clue what this bunch will do to the America I grew up in and fought for. We were just showing support and raising awareness of things that happened lately.”. You can not separate the three no matter what your intent is. I will say this, disrespect the flag of the United States while in a uniform, on a parade ground, or on a military base and see what happens to you. Then we all lose our freedoms many a man has died for. He rode his coattail and took credit like he always does. Everybody’s 401 accounts were soaring, and the stock market set records. They were the party of the Klu Klux clan. ", They asked the Kentucky General Assembly to take away tax dollars "from the University of Kentucky, and any other public university or institution that allows any action of disgrace to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or the United States of America. You do something and some are pleased and some aren’t,” the UK senior said. Also he has rolled back regulations so much I can crap in your drinking water and you can’t do anything about it. I don’t agree with taking a knee during the National Anthem. Biden will be president on 1/20/21. Some think it’s appropriate to protest during the National anthem and some do not. You made it intolerable. You know it and the world knows it. Are you more outraged because people are kneeling for real racial injustice or the fact Americans are storming the U. S. capital wearing a variety of Nazi shirts, and carrying a variety of flags trying to overthrow our country that your father died defending? Dr Mitchell Travis joins editorial board of Anthem Studies in Law Reform . She and I were disgusted with the basketball team and THE ENTIRE COACHING STAFF kneeling for their national anthem. Neither are we racist either. It was the radical Maxine Waters that first encouraged violence after the 2016 election. “Unfortunately some are not happy with it,” Sarr said. Wake up man before America is run by Red China. ; 277), a. I’ve got a bunch of former military family and friends who are UK fans and would love to see the team play so please let me know since you won’t need them! WASHINGTON — Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem at Joe Biden’s inauguration and Jennifer Lopez will give a musical performance on the West Front of … Joe Biden and Lady Gaga greet college students Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during the US election campaign. Just educational facts. Some UK fans have said they will not watch this team play again. later where is it at? He said the team made the decision and “everybody” was okay with it and wanted to participate. The National Anthem Law is a national law outside the limits of the autonomy of the HKSAR, and as such may be listed in Annex III to the Basic Law pursuant to Article 18 of the Basic Law. Whats up with not wanting to wear a mask? It may already be with China Joe in power. I know they could care less but our leaving the basketball program will not be the only fans to do so.. Coach Cal. Trump wants to be like Kim. I think you are very uninformed about your actions not coach Cal anytime ANYONE who shows disrespect for the flag that so many have died for I can and never will support. No way Joe Biden won that election fair and square. Hong Kong's government, dominated by … Peace in the middle east, that’s a stupid comment. “I think what was really powerful was Coach (John Calipari) doing it with us. In a video posted on his Facebook page Sunday, Laurel County Sheriff John Root threw a shirt celebrating a Final Four appearance by UK on an open flame and said the Wildcats had “disrespected the American flag and our national anthem.” He was joined by Jailer Jamie Mosley, who also threw a shirt on the fire. All I can say pup is you are a victim of the Jim Jones effect. 4 yrs. F. Some of these kids may have family members who lost their lives for this country. That song is for white folks only. That would be the "Clinton Machine" in bed with Russia. The party that Trump leads now freed the slaves, not Biden’s party. (A) to (C) which read as follows: “ (C) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note; and”. Like I said, if you think Biden won that election fair and square you are dumber than a country rock. is generally a patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions, and struggles of a country's people, recognized either by that state's government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. China's parliament, the National People's Congress, is extending a law on disrespecting the anthem to semi-autonomous Hong Kong and Macau. We know some are mad and pissed. He knew it was deadly and lied about it with every breath. “We will see what we do for other games,” he said. We need to get rid of Calipari and his OAD recruiting and bring in a coach who is committed to the university first and foremost. The national anthem law makes “insulting” or “misusing” the Chinese national anthem punishable by a fine of up to HK$50,000 (US$6,400) and a maximum penalty of three years’ imprisonment. The Republican party has been exposed for who they really are. The truth hurts don’t it! It’s disgusting. She could not recall other occasions when the anthem was played in … The song, however, does include one controversial verse, which calls on God to help crush rebellious Scots in the 17th century… not that Nicholson seemed to mind. The lyrics come from the "Defence of Fort M'Henry", a poem written on September 14, 1814, by 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. Under Trump our economy soared, people went back to work, and new job were created. You apparently watch to too much CNN DH. I don’t think it’s right, but have no trouble understanding some do. This all began with the NFL and the player who did it first, no longer plays for the NFL. (A) to (C) and struck out former subpars. The UK players and their coaches locked arms and knelt prior to the game during the national anthem. Our anthem is not "national"…look at when it was written. The National Anthem is God Save the Queen.The British National Anthem originated in a patriotic song first performed in 1745.It became known as the National Anthem from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Not even with a stacked supreme court. “We just want people to understand. I’ve been a UK fan all my life, but I’m not going to let this change my mind about supporting my team. In fact more have left. The most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen was the disrespect the UK team showed to the national anthem. The team needs to be completely replaced by people that love this country. Thought college basketball was the last of the non-political institutions. It is not believed they made such a gesture to honor the scores of people killed as a result of the violent riots that were sparked by George Floyd’s death last May. Thanks Joy for being willing to share that. My uncle, retired USMC Korea and Vietnam War veteran would love those tickets!! In his 4 years he has built 47 miles of NEW border wall and replaced 400 miles of old wall at a tune of 15 billion of tax payer money. Total lack of respect for the people who gave their lives allowing them to get a free college education for playing a game. Make sure to watch the inauguration. The national anthem law makes “insulting” or “misusing” the Chinese national anthem punishable by a fine of up to £5,100 (HK$50,000) and a maximum penalty of three years’ imprisonment. My goodness, they have her on video. Your email address will not be published. If I were to stop supporting the team, I don’t know what that would do to him. Roy Moore claims "it's against the law" for players to kneel during national anthem. Yep, back when POC were sold…they were property…they still are not equal because of people who look like me (white). David I am sorry you lost your father in that war. Not out of the country. Sarr said the players were coming for a “place of understanding and peace” they hope others understand. Your president will be going to prison along with his GOP cronies. Finally, there are things that are much more important than UK basketball. The only thing he has really done is give corporations and filthy rich people tax cuts. If you don’t understand that you are watching to much liberal news media.

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