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SMU Academy is the professional training arm of Singapore Management University. A real world example will show managing data for a web site; from online ordering to Pick and Pack. 2 certificates awarded: a Certificate in Fundamentals of Data Science and a Certificate in Data Analytics Curriculum: 4 modules covering Statistics for Data Science, Programming for Data Science, Data Mining Techniques and  business problems. As one of the Cox School's most popular professional development programs, the GBACP helps you expand your network with professors, industry experts and classmates across a variety of industries and locations. The interactive virtual setting  We begin by applying hypothesis tests to one-variable problems. Upon successful completion of the course, every participant will receive a Certificate of Participation issued by Singapore Management University. For a large class of decision problems, the outcome of a decision is uncertain, but the decision-maker is able to list the possible outcomes of a decision and assign a probability to each of them. Graduates of this program will master the concepts and tools required to effectively mine, manage and analyze unstructured data and to clearly communicate … In a data-driven economy, the ability to make better decisions, create value and develop a sustained competitive advantage using data analytics techniques, is imperative. This session explores several different methods most commonly used to forecast. This allows identification of the factors that determine the outcome of the dependent variable. Over the past few years, these technologies have experienced explosive growth, both in the number of products and services offered, and in the extent of coverage in the trade press.Vendors, including all database companies, are increasing the attention paid to all aspects of decision support. Through a new interactive and engaging online $3700 (registration fee included) Group Discounted Rate for 3 or more from the same organization. To address these uncertainties in a decision-making context, decision trees have proved to be a powerful graphical tool. Decision trees allow a decision-maker to consider the possible outcomes of his decisions in a systematic way and to draw correct conclusions with respect to the best course of action. The RM approach is to exploit differences in customer segments and their willingness to pay. In just 24 weeks, you’ll journey through a challenging curriculum and gain the specialized skills needed to analyze big data and turn it … Leverage the terabytes of data that bombard your organization to drive efficiency, maximize your tech-nology investment and strengthen your customer relationships. In this first of three sessions on data mining, we examine the key ideas underlying data mining and machine learning, the types of problems where these methods can be applied, the process of exploratory data analysis, and the process of preparing data for building data mining models. Academics Overview The online master of science in data Science program from Southern Methodist University equips data-driven professionals with the skills required to generate measurable impact in their business or organization. For example, without good sales forecasts, inventory management and capacity planning can go badly wrong. Each module is conducted over 2 weekday evenings and a full Saturday. Whatever industry you and your team are focused on - be it manufacturing, financial services, life sciences or electronics - projects are key vehicles for innovation, productivity improvement, and growth. In preparation for this session, it is highly recommended that students unfamiliar with how the Internet works watch the 15-minute movie on The Cox GBACP teaches managers and analysts how to access And almost any reliable budget depends on a reliable forecast of the variables influencing cost. In the SMU Data Visualization and Communication Certificate program, learn how to pair visual representations like charts, diagrams, infographics and dashboards with storytelling techniques to strengthen your delivery. An exceptional school in the heart of a vibrant, global, business-friendly city. Participants who miss the assessment will not be awarded the certificate issued by SMU. The program also teaches how to implement analytics efforts via project management and typically includes participants from diverse sectors, in roles ranging Rigorous programs within a truly customized academic experience. Participants who miss the assessment will not be awarded the certificate issued by SMU. Participants who successfully complete 6 programmes offered by SMUA-HCML within 5 years will receive the Certified Professional Business Manager (CPBM). In this session, we focus on two additional methods for data mining. In working with multiple variables we build regression models. The MSBA is a … This session will discuss overviews of Database Management Systems, including Relational and On-Line Analytical Processing Systems. A special emphasis is placed on how to integrate forecasting into the business planning process. Advance Certificate In Service Strategy & Management Investing and mastering the key levers allow an organisation to elevate its offering from good to great. Create value from organizational data and make smarter business decisions for increased performance and profitability. To receive the Certification for Data Analytics (R) Specialist, participants will need to complete the 6 modules offered by Singapore Management University Academy in accordance to the following order: Modules are not available on a standalone basis. In this session students investigate how to implement these concepts in Excel and how to use statistics to generate conclusions. Data analytics graduate certificate programs provide college graduates with targeted training in the knowledge and skills required for careers that involve working with big data in fields such as advertising, business, engineering The lab will contain a coding exercise to import data in to a spreadsheet. Avoiding Pitfalls in … SMU Data Science Boot Camp puts the student experience first, teaching you the knowledge and skills to conduct analysis on a wide array of real-world problems. Rigorous programs within a truly customized academic experience. Data Analytics: Harnessing Data for Quality Service Delivery, Value Enhancement & Outcomes Advanced Certificate In Service Leadership & Innovation Upcoming Sessions: 14 Apr 2021 - 15 Apr 2021 Exercises will be presented using both excel and specialized forecasting software. One can use simulation models to determine how specific decisions will perform in practice without experiencing their effects firsthand. Explore our redesigned and reimagined Cox MBA curriculum , grounded in three foundational pillars: Leadership, Analytics, and Experiential Learning. A community where professors know students by name and help them create powerful networks. Zoom Meetings, $4000 (registration fee included) Full Tuition for ONLINE PROGRAM. Almost every company spends time retrieving data and placing it into spreadsheets.This can be a huge waste of time and often a robotic process.The module will discuss ways to automate this process with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).A real world corporate example will show how one company retrieves data to help facilitate the management of data from four different reporting methods. Students will become familiar with implementing regression in Excel and interpreting the Excel output. Balanced Scorecard & Tying Metrics to Strategy, Financial measures (e.g., ROI) and non-financial measures (e.g., customer satisfaction), The organization's vision (strategy) and actions taken by individual employees as part of everyday work (operations), The needs of external stakeholders (e.g., customers) and internal stakeholder (e.g., employees), Past performance (outcome measures) and future performance (performance measures). In these situations we often resort to simulation, a methodology that combines decisions (e.g., how many service representatives to hire) and uncertainties (e.g., the demand for service). RM focuses on how to manage these different types of customer demands to maximize revenues. In a knowledge-intensive economy, success depends on your company’s ability to exploit its available knowledge resources and you can gain those skills with this program. This lecture is designed to introduce you to some of the models and methods used in the emerging field of revenue management (RM). The first topic covered here is hypothesis tests; the primary decision-making tool in statistics. Core coursework is designed for students to develop a foundation in statistical analysis and cultivate technical skills in programming, data mining, machine learning, database management, and data and network security. Using NodeXL, students will then analyze the structure of a Twitter and/or Facebook Fan Page network and develop strategies for activating actors in this network to achieve desired outcomes. data from corporate databases, data © Cox School of Business Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750333 Dallas, Texas 75275-0333 214-768-2000. Saturday Mornings Forecasting is an essential step in almost making any business plan. PERSPECTIVES@SMU PROGRAMMES Master of IT in Business (MITB) HR Analytics Certificate - Using Analytics to Improve People Decisions (Foundation Level) Certified HR … In fact, as a firms offerings become more digitally driven and/or service-oriented, the manufacturing and assembly component of work declines, and project planning and execution play a vital role. This programme is a collaboration between Google, IMDA and SMU that helps train young professionals who are looking to enter the data and analytics sector in Singapore, with the skills they need to gain a competitive edge in the world of data driven innovation. Data analytics have been touted as the most important technology which will bring organizations move to their next frontier. Particular attention will be paid to the meaning of key metrics included in the Google Analytics suite based on an understanding of how the data from which they were derived. The session concludes with students building small models in Excel using examples drawn from distribution planning and financial management. Data Analytics Harnessing Data for Quality Service Delivery, Value Enhancement & Outcomes ISE Service Design Clinic SMU EXECUTIVE CERTIFICATE IN CUSTOMER STRATEGY Design Thinking Designing a … The objective is to develop a model where the dependent variable is explained by one or more independent variables. This session covers two types of data mining techniques based on AI and machine Learning, that are useful for predictive modeling. Now, managers across industries and departments need to inform their decision-making with big data and propose solutions powered by sound business intelligence. Each cohort Prepare yourself with a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (M.S. classmates across a  variety of industries and locations. Masters Certificate in Analytics for Leaders Take Charge of Analytics and Turn Your Data Into a Competitive Advantage. As one of the Cox School's most popular professional development programs, the GBACP helps you An exceptional school in the heart of a vibrant, global, business-friendly city. We also discuss how clustering can be a useful step in developing multiple target marketing or segmented modeling strategies. management to general management and entrepreneurship. Either Full-Time or Part-Time, the MSBA program prepares students for successful careers in the burgeoning field of business analytics from business analysts, data analysts, marketing analysts, financial analysts, data base and data warehouse architects to data scientists. Graduate Business Analytics Certificate Program GBACP Home Who Should Participate Tuition and Fees Content and Professors Leverage the terabytes of data that bombard your organization to drive efficiency, maximize your tech-nology investment and strengthen your customer relationships. An innovative learning culture influences the way the world does business. © Cox School of Business Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750333 Dallas, Texas 75275-0333 214-768-2000. The second half of the session examines Market Basket Analysis using Association Rules. This session provides an introduction to the statistical methods used in decision modeling, including: (1) review of the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, normal curve, graphs and charts; (2) sampling - why sample, uses of sampling, comparison of sample survey methods on 10 dimensions, sample design and choosing random samples; (3) making estimates from samples - central limit theorem, confidence intervals for means and proportions; and (4) computing sample size for estimating means and proportions. As a consequence, analysts have developed a number of different forecasting techniques. Simulation involves building a computer model that generates probabilistic outcomes based on the decisions we make and the uncertainties we face. The session also introduces specific data mining software for building predictive models without writing any code. format, participants learn a range of techniques,  SMU Cox Main Navigation At SMU Cox Display At SMU Cox Sub Menu An exceptional school in the heart of a vibrant, global, business-friendly city. Find out more about our courses & register your This is a useful method for mining large transaction databases to discover affinity patterns. Graduate Business Analytics Certificate Program GBACP Home Who Should Participate Tuition and Fees Content and Professors Who Should Participate Accounting and … expand your network with professors, industry experts and  Some real world problems cannot be modeled using pure optimization techniques, particularly those that involve an element of chance. from traditional statistical and optimization models to data mining and data visualization. This certificate will be in the form of a digital certificate that runs on blockchain and is tamper-proof and verifiable. In this class meeting, the focus is on decision-making under uncertainty. The online graduate certificate in Business Analytics from Saint Mary's combines the latest industry tools and approaches with coursework in data visualization, business modeling, geographic information systems, and more. SMU Cox offers a full portfolio of MBA and Specialized Master’s degrees to help you achieve your professional goals. This class is divided into two sections. This session provides a roadmap of data warehousing and OLAP technologies, with an emphasis on their new requirements.We describe back end tools for extracting, cleaning and loading data into a data warehouse; multi-dimensional data models and OLAP operation; front end client tools for querying and data analysis; server extensions for efficient query processing; and tools for metadata management and for managing the warehouse. Students build a diverse portfolio of projects in our coding, data, and fintech programs or complete multiple certification training’s in our cybersecurity program demonstrating their knowledge. ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate Programme In an increasingly data-rich and technology-driven world, finance teams must learn how to harness and make sense of data and what it means for the business. BIDA). The second half of the class introduces students to the challenges and opportunities of social media.Key difference between web and social media analytics will be drawn. e.g., collections of products that are bought together, or by the same buyers over time. Data and analytics provide the solution to this challenge. combines convenience and learning reinforcement through learning-by-doing and recorded sessions with opportunities to collaborate with other participants on interesting problems and cases. from marketing, financial management, operations and technology To receive the Advanced Certificate in Applied Data Analytics, individuals will need to complete all the following modules offered by Singapore Management University Academy: Applying Data Analytics to Sales and Marketing through Linear Models. Particular attention will be paid to the meaning of key metrics included in the Google Analytics suite based on an understanding of how the data from which they were derived. With its pillars of Financial Services, Human Capital, Leadership & Management and Technology & … Its name signals its objective to balance each of the following: This class session will include an introduction to the Balanced Scorecard, specifically its strategy map, as well as illustrations of how it has been used in organizations. We survey the state of the art and mention representative products. Our curriculum draws on … The Master of IT in Business (MITB) is an Information Technology programme that equips professionals with analytic & technological skills for today's ever changing world.

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